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This site will allow you to know everything about the business in the United Kingdom. If you wish to go up your business, to know administrative procedures, tax and tips, this site is made for you. If you are already a businessman but if you look a precise expertise in accounting or in business law, advices and lists of contact matched by useful links are also proposed to you. Finally, do not hesitate to consult the section of job applications and the news business in the UK.

With a growth in 2,6 %, the United Kingdom realizes the best performance among the members of G7. In particular, the ecosystem of London is the most dynamic and most attractive of Europe. Tech City of London is in full excitement at present. It is the favorite destination in the United Kingdom to go up its start-up there.

Create your company in the United Kingdom

Business creation is very simple in the United Kingdom. And you can go up your structure in one day. Open a bank account, choose the legal shape of your company, create payslips... Everything is made by Internet or via call centers. If so much dematerialization frightens you and if you do not want to be taken by surprise, do advise you throughout your journey by public accountants or hiring the services of local lawyers, who know all the subtleties of the steps. Their expertise will also be you of a big help when you will draft contracts (of work, rent, service etc.), because only what is stipulated in these documents is valid in case of dispute. Via a service of on-line chat, you will be put in connection with our experts, or you will can find numerous useful links in the section " administrative and legal ". The corporate tax is 25 % (one of the lowest in Europe). For more information on the tax system, the regulations by big business sectors and in main lines, produce you to the section " tax system, regulations, labor law ", you will also find there useful tips. A forum is at your disposal to ask questions on this topic.

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